Attorney Spotlight: Kyle DiDone

Attorney Spotlight: Kyle DiDone

Kyle is a partner in our banking & creditors’ right practice area. His practice area handles everything from loan origination and workouts to recovery and bankruptcy.

Kyle’s approach to law is practical. He tries to find the approach that works best for the situation and the individuals involved in the matter. Kyle is always looking for the best resolution for his clients.

Why did Kyle become a lawyer?

Kyle doesn’t know if he always planned to be a lawyer or not but he does remember what drew him to the profession. Kyle loves that the law is multi-faceted. The law touches every other type of discipline there is. This gives attorneys a unique opportunity to work with clients from all different backgrounds. The diversity of matters allows an attorney to work with many different types of clients.

What is Kyle’s most memorable case?

His most memorable case was one of the first ones he had at the firm. He went into it with the intention to “get the W” for the client but as things progressed it became clear that winning at all costs was not the right solution for the client. After the case was settled, Kyle felt like it was a loss, until he saw how happy the client was. This changed his perspective on how to approach cases.

Who is Kyle outside of work?

Kyle is a family man. He has a wonderful wife, Lauren, and two sons. They all live in Amherst. Kyle is very involved with sports with his boys, coaching baseball and soccer. Kyle is a leader with the Boy Scouts of America. Kyle was part of an adult group that set up an explorers program for individuals interested in law and government. Kyle has been involved with the scouts since he was a child and he reached the achievement of eagle scout.

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Attorney Spotlight: Kyle DiDone