Attorney Spotlight: Matt Miller

Attorney Spotlight: Matt Miller

Matt Miller is a Rupp Pfalzgraf partner and the practice area leader of our Labor & Employment group. He has been practicing law for just shy of 20 years.

Why did Matt choose to work at Rupp Pfalzgraf?

Matt chose Rupp Pfalzgraf for a specific reason. There are a lot of great lawyers out there and a lot of good firms full of talented lawyers. However, there are very few full of talented lawyers and exceptional people, and that’s what he found at Rupp Pfalzgraf.

What type of work does Matt find most rewarding in his practice?

Within his practice, Matt finds it most rewarding to successfully defend employers in Division of Human Rights and EEOC claims, especially when they don’t have insurance. These types of claims can be very expensive and very scary for business owners. So, the look on their face and the gratitude they have when he is successful in defending one of those claims means a lot to Matt.

What is a fun fact about Matt that people would be surprised to learn?

Matt is an all-world stone skipper. Although he’s not much of an outdoorsman when it comes to hiking or camping, get him a good skipping stone and a creek, and you’d be impressed!

What is Matt’s best legal tip?

Trust and rely on your resources. Knee-jerk reacting or rushing to do something can often do more harm than good. So, rely on the people who are experts, rely on your lawyers, and trust their advice.

To hear more from Matt, watch the full video here.