Attorney Spotlight: Matthew Lenahan

Attorney Spotlight: Matthew Lenahan

Who is Matt as an attorney?

Matt is a partner in our Rochester office. He practices in commercial litigation, corporate law, insurance defense, and municipal law.

As an attorney, Matt is an advocate for his clients. Matt believes that sometimes lawyers will give their clients a lot of advice and counsel but that client is looking for someone to “jump down in the hole with them and help them dig themselves out of a problem.” This is something Matt is exceptionally skilled at, and something he loves to do.

Why did Matt become an attorney?

Matt decided to go to law school because he has loved reading, writing, and researching ever since he was a child. Matt really enjoyed law school. After law school, Matt went into private practice and was not sure he would enjoy it but ended up loving it.

What is Matt’s most memorable case?

Matt has had many memorable cases ones spanning 10+ years, some dealing with billions of dollars, some over just a few thousand. The most memorable ones for Matt though are the ones where he gets to help small businesses

Who is Matt outside of work?

Matt is a husband and a father to 3 kids. Matt and his wife are both from small towns but spent 10-12 years in a big city. They decided to move back to a small town when they started having children because small-town values are important to them. Right now Matt is in the middle of parenthood with band practices, basketball, skiing, and baseball on any given weeknight.

What is Matt’s legal tip?

Tell the truth. The facts are the facts. It is your attorneys job to navigate the laws and create a narrative using the truth. Trying to fabricate the truth won’t help your case.

To here the whole interview check out the video.

Attorney Spotlight: Matthew Lenahan