Attorney Spotlight: Thomas Grenke

Attorney Spotlight: Thomas Grenke

Who is Thomas as an attorney?

Thomas is an associate attorney in our labor and employment practice group. He did his undergrad at Penn State where he earned his degree in history. Then he graduated from the University at Buffalo School of Law with his J.D. Tom began practicing law in 2019. He started in business litigation but soon has an opportunity to join the labor and employment group. He loves labor and employment because you get to be a little bit more of a business partner and an advocate for your clients. He enjoys helping on the business side of things.

Why did he decide to become a lawyer?

Thomas grew up believing he would make a good lawyer. As a young child, Thomas was very good at negotiating his way out of trouble or out of tasks he did not want to do, like eating his vegetables. When Thomas grew up he decided it was something he wanted to try and after getting into it he realized it was a career he was comfortable with and enjoyed.

What is his most memorable case?

Thomas is still early in his career, he is still exploring various areas of the law, and seeing different types of cases with in his practice group so he does not feel he has a “most memorable” case yet but is excited to get further into his career to have those memorable cases.

Who is he outside of work?

When he is not working Thomas enjoys playing men’s league hockey. He tries to play as often as he can. He also enjoys reading, a pastime he has loved since he was a child. And Thomas also loves to spend time with his friends and family. 

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Attorney Spotlight: Thomas Grenke