BLJ Highlights Ben Burge as Emerging Attorney

BLJ Highlights Ben Burge as Emerging Attorney - Rupp Baaase - People at Law

Congratulations to Ben Burge as Buffalo Law Journal’s most recent Emerging Attorney.

You can tell that Benjamin Burge is a fun-loving guy by one of his nicknames (he has several): BenJAMIN.

But his serious side comes out in his work as associate attorney in the business law and litigation group of Rupp Baase Pfalzgraf Cunningham LLC.

“The work varies from hour to hour – sometimes it feels like minute to minute – and we get to work on some really exciting projects with a lot of players in the Buffalo community,” he said.

The Cleveland native graduated from Fordham University, where he was an NCAA Division I scholarship swmmer. In 2011 he graduated from New York Law School, where he was a member of the Moot Court Association and a semifinalist in a national moot court competition.

Now a resident of North Buffalo, his workdays are spent advising businesses of every size from local sole proprietors and nonprofits to international corporations. 

Said Burge: “There are just so many small nuances to every file, each of which can have a huge impact on the eventual outcome, that you always have to be ready and have to be able to adjust on the fly.”

He points to the collaborative culture of Rupp Baase as a key to his and other associates’ success.

“Everyone is always popping into other offices with questions, hypotheticals, best practices ideas, and in the end all of our practices are better,” he said.

Congratulations to Ben for being named an Emerging Attorney!