Campus Disciplinary Defense Team Vindicates Student in Assault Case

Campus Disciplinary Defense Team Vindicates Student in Assault Case - Rupp Baase - People at Law

Recently, our Campus Disciplinary Defense team successfully vindicated a community college student who was accused of sexual assault. The student enlisted the help of attorneys Jill Yonkers and Adam Brasky before the initial interview with the college occurred, which proved to be a key to success in the sexual assault case.  

“College misconduct processes are stacked against students from the outset. Our client was not given written notice of the charges against him. We, as his attorneys, were instructed not to participate in his interview. We were told to sit there, ‘like a potted plant,’” Yonkers explained.

Despite the college’s instruction, Yonkers and Brasky did not “sit there”, instead they reviewed the institution’s policies and procedures in great detail beforehand, helped their client prepare for the interview, and were able to help the client overcome what could have been a life-altering outcome.

In campus misconduct cases the proper processes often are not followed. That is why securing representation early on is critical in campus disciplinary defense cases. If you’re a student, parent, or a friend of someone facing campus disciplinary action, get in touch with our team. We know the law and can help insure you have a fair chance to tell your story.