David Pfalzgraf guest on WNY Entrepreneur podcast

Managing partner, David Pfalzgraf Jr. sat down with David Schaub on the WNY Entrepreneur podcast to discuss everything from when you should call your lawyer to the importance of corporate culture, and how our firm got it’s start 22 years ago.

Listen to the Podcast episode here

David Pfalzgraf guest on WNY Entrepreneur podcast

WNY Entrepreneur Show Notes:

Have You Ever Thought About Having a Lawyer in Your Business Corner? But Were Kind of Intimated By That?

I know was I was intimidated.

My thoughts were:

– I’m too small of company. Why Would I need one?
– I’m afraid I’m going to get this bill just for having coffee with one.
– They are probably super expensive. I can’t afford one.
– Why do I need one if I’m not getting sued or having any legal trouble?
– Why would I even entertain the idea of having one in my corner when I am so busy doing other things?

Sound familiar at all?

If yes, you are going to love this podcast episode. I would even bet that you will be shocked by the answers you here. David Pfalzgraf Jr tells all and this completely shifted my head on what it means to have a lawyer in your business corner. And it’s not even what you are thinking about right now.