David Pfalzgraf, Speaks with Business First about office adjustments since COVID.

The pandemic as caused all businesses to rethink their practice, office adjustments had to be made for the safety of employees. David Pfalzgraf, joins the discussion with Patrick Connelly and other local Managing Partners on COVID scanning, office space, and technology upgrades in our functioning COVID world. In an ever-changing world during this COVID-19 pandemic it is good to know that our managing partner is looking out for the well-being of all of us at Rupp Baase. Read the discussion on all things office adjustments in a COVID world.

In Buffalo’s Liberty Building, space is tighter at Rupp Baase, something that has been compounded in recent years as more attorneys and staffers were hired. During the pandemic, it shifted to a cloud-based tech setup to make working remotely easier.

“We’ve become much more technology focused and friendly as we have more lawyers and some support staff (right now) working from a permanent basis at home,” Pfalzgraf said. “I think we’re going to continue to invest in technology to allow our people to work as efficiently as possible in the office or at home.”

“We’re definitely going to look at our office space to reflect changes in the work environment,” he said. “Maybe we can do some office sharing or do some permanent work-from-home things. We want to make sure we are building the firm in a way that would be ready for future challenges.”