Gestational Surrogacy is finally legal in New York State! Now What?

Gestational Surrogacy is finally legal in New York State, allowing for many couples to have their dreams of becoming parents within their reach. Our passionate fertility and surrogacy team of partner attorneys Jamie Batt, and Elizabeth DiPirro, and associate attorneys Micelle Graham, and Keli Iles-Hernandez understand well beyond just the legalities of surrogacy. If this article makes a connection with you or someone you love. Let’s Talk

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On Monday, after a decades-long battle, paid gestational surrogacy became legal in New York, allowing couples — who in the surrogacy world are called “intended parents” — to finally have a family.

Proponents of the New York law, which was passed in April and took effect on Monday, believe that it will allow more people — including those with fertility issues or are in same-sex relationships — to share in the joys of parenting.

They also point to its protections for surrogates, such as a bill of rights that ensures that they continue to make their own health-care decisions, and the fact that most modern surrogates are impregnated via IVF using a couple’s own fertilized eggs.

Read more about the new gestational surrogacy laws and what supports and critics are saying about it here.

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