Innovation in Professional Growth

At Rupp Baase we love professional growth. Congratulations to Anne Bowling, Geff Gismondi and Cory Weber for starting the year off right by being promoted to Partner.

We would also like to congratulate our new attorneys who were recently sworn in Shawn Byrns,
Chad Davenport and Stephen Stachowski.

The road to partner does not happen overnight.  When we asked our new partners to share with our new attorneys why Rupp Baase and some professional growth advice, this is what they had to say:

Anne Bowling: “Rupp Baase is a place that is not encumbered by adherence to rigid, unchanging norms.  New ideas are welcome; new ways of operating are considered and discussed.  Rupp Baase is not just about innovation in the practice of law but innovation in the creation of a welcoming work place in which the goal is for each attorney to succeed.”

Geff Gismondi: “I’m energized by the collaborative environment at Rupp Baase and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the strategic growth of our commercial litigation and employment law practice groups.”

Cory Weber: “I came to Rupp Baase because the firm seemed young, energetic, and creative.  I stayed because the firm’s leaders taught me how to litigate at a high level, but also provided a level of flexibility an autonomy that allowed me to develop my own style and explore new practice areas.”