Servotronics Case on WKBW

Partner attorney Matt Miller spoke last night with Eileen Buckley from WKBW regarding the Servotronics case. If you missed the story live you can view it here.

The former CEO and President of Servotronics, Kenneth Trbovich, has resigned after an internal investigation regarding allegations of sexual harassment. The six month long investigation was authorized by the Servotronics board after complaints were brought against Kenneth conduct. Trbovich was placed on administrative leave the day after this complaint was filed.

The complaint originated from a former employee, Deneb Pirrone. Pirrone accusations include that Trbovich has a pattern of severe sexual harassment of male employees, harassing female contractors within the company and that he forced his employees to visit brothels and strip clubs and engage with prostitutes’ when on overseas business trips.

These allegations were investigated by an independent counsel and the board found “grounds for termination” from the investigation.

Labor and Employment attorney Matt Miller spoke to WKBW about the complaint and following investigation.

“What I think is the most striking Eileen, is that the company itself in its public federal filing with the SEC has made it know that it determine that his conduct was willful malfeasance, which means intentional wrongful conduct.”

Currently Matt and Pirrone are waiting for a judge to rule on the company’s request to have the case dismissed.

To read more about the case please visit the WKBW website here.

December 29, 2021.