Students Cleared of Alleged Bias Misconduct

Jill Yonkers - Campus Disciplinary Defense - Students Cleared of Alleged Bias Misconduct - Rupp Baase - People at Law

Our Campus Disciplinary Defense team successfully exonerated three college students accused of using hate speech on and around campus. 

The private college in New York began an investigation based on an anonymous complaint that the students used inappropriate and derogatory language toward a non-student in an off-campus residence. 

The college called the three students to a “mandatory meeting” with 72-minutes’ notice on the last day of classes. The students had no opportunity to engage in a fair process.

Despite these obstacles, our Campus Disciplinary Defense team quickly investigated the allegations, spoke with multiple witnesses—all of whom confirmed nothing inappropriate occurred—and moved the process forward to resolution without the need for a hearing. 

“We are happy the students can move forward without this cloud of suspicion—or worse—hanging over them. They should not have been facing unsupported accusations at any time, let alone on the eve of finals week and without counsel.  They can now put this unfortunate incident behind them,” said Jill Yonkers, who worked with the students and their families.

This matter underscores the importance of having an attorney present from the first possible moment. The college showed no interest in a fair and balanced investigation. Without our multiple requests, the investigator would not have interviewed witnesses who could confirm our clients’ information and clear their names.

If you’re a student, parent, or a friend of someone facing campus disciplinary action, get in touch with our team.