Tony Rupp and Matt Miller Successfully Defend Appeal for Acquest Wehrle, LLC

Congratulations to Rupp Baase attorneys Tony Rupp, Matt Miller, and our client Acquest Wehrle LLC on a successful appeal defense! 

Acquest Successfully Defends Appeal,
Enters $4 Million Judgment Against the Town of Amherst, NY

In June of 2013, Acquest Wehrle, LLC obtained a multi-million dollar jury verdict against the Town of Amherst, NY in a case dating back to 2006 when then-Supervisor Satish Mohan’s Town Board unconstitutionally terminated Acquest’s office park project on Wehrle Drive in violation of its Due Process rights. Acquest Wehrle, which is owned by William L. Huntress, is a locally-based family-run real estate development company.

The Town of Amherst, NY appealed the verdict. Acquest Wehrle successfully defended the appeal and recently entered judgment against the Town for $3.94 million. A copy of the judgment is attached to this page.

Partners Tony Rupp and Matt Miller represented Acquest.

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Congratulations again to our attorneys and our client on a successful appeal defense.